Universal Jobmatch and Government Gateway.

Workshop: Friday 18 January 2013 (2:30 to 4:30 pm).

A special workshop for everyone in work, or looking for a job.

About Universal Jobmatch.

Universal Jobmatch is the new official job search website that was launched in November. Here are a few recent unofficial comments on the scheme …

  • “Unemployed people will be forced to join up to a government site at the centre of security concerns – as well as posting their CVs online – or face losing their jobseeker’s allowance from the new year, it has been announced.” (The Independent, 21 December 2012).
  • “Unemployed claimants will be required to use a new government job search website and face benefit sanctions if it shows they are not trying to find work.” (The Guardian, 20 December 2012).
  • “The government is pressing ahead with plans to force jobseekers to sign up to its new Universal Jobmatch website that has been exposed as a ‘scammer’s paradise’ by a Channel 4 News investigation.” (Channel 4 News, 20 December 2012).

Universal Jobmatch is not yet mandatory, but plainly there is a strong possibility that it might be, quite soon. At this workshop, we will take a closer look at what is there – and help you sign up (if you want to).

About Government Gateway.

To sign up with Universal Jobmatch, you must create an account at Government Gateway – a website that has been up for a few years now. Here is the official description …

“The Government Gateway is a website where users can access online government services securely and easily over the Internet. It is an important part of the government’s strategy of delivering what is known as ‘Transformational Government’ which is, essentially, a government enabled by technology.” (Government Gateway Help).

So Government Gateway may also be mandatory for jobseekers soon.

At the workshop.

Neither of these two websites is easy to understand or navigate – especially not for Internet beginners. Our main purpose at the workshop is to understand what is there – but if anyone would like help signing up with Government Gateway, we will include it in the afternoon session.

Reserve your place.

Reserving your place is important – not just to ensure you can get in, but also to ensure the workshop happens. We need a minimum of 8 reservations to make it worthwhile.

People still in the job market (employed or jobseeker) will have priority.